Social responsibility

Taking care of the people in our environment is important to us as a company. This means that we donate part of the proceeds to charity. This is how we participate in the well-being of the less fortunate in our society.

Carbon footprint

Manufacturing a product made of iron generates climate-burdening emissions. However, efforts are made to curb them in every possible way. After manufacturing, on the other hand, it is easier to react to operational emissions. We take into account e.g. the emissions caused by transport and make efforts to reduce them. We advise our customers on reducing their carbon emissions in their own operations. This is how we can affect the reduction of emissions.


We want to ensure that safety comes to the fore both in the working methods of our staff and in the use of the products we sell. We pay a lot of attention in the safety elements of the products and go through them together with our customer. Through the necessary training and good planning and organization, we can reach safe and effective goals.


Our materials are iron and therefore 100 % recyclable. However, before the product’s final life cycle, by changing its purpose, we can prolong its life cycle and save natural resources.

Economic efficiency

When we take care of the company’s solvency and pay bills on time, we ensure the financial stability of our stakeholders at the same time – we are part of the society’s supportive safety net. For us, the “Reliable partner” (Luotettava kumppani) logo plays an important role and is not just an image on our website.

Let’s do good together! When we succeed in our own goals and feel that we are doing a good job with responsibility, we also share a good framework for action for our partners and the environment so that we can take actions for our planet Earth and its inhabitants!

Sanna Syyskallio

Sanna Syyskallio